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PDF content not copyable on PC

Question asked by jrubenh on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by jrubenh

I have created several FMP database programs that we run on our iPads. I use a script to create PDFs of the data we collect, which works fine on the iPad. We can select text and cut and paste from those PDFs when we load them onto our PCs or Macs. I use the script command "Save Records as PDF", without dialog, records being browsed, no security options selected.


The issue I ran into was when I created a PDF using the same database program, but did so on a PC laptop (Dell, running Windows 7 Enterprise). The PDF was created, without any security features (no password), yet we could not select any text for cutting and pasting when we opened the PDF. The properties of the PDFs created on the iPad, the ones created on a MacBook (OS X 10.8.3), and the ones created on the Dell laptop looked identical. Yet while the text was selectable on the PDF created on the iPad and MacBook, the ones created on the PC were somehow locked.


Any ideas?