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Files hosted with FMS12 open fine, local copy of file gets Access Priv damaged error

Question asked by jsavoie on May 15, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by DavidJondreau

Has anyone else encountered this? I have a couple of files that while hosted behave perfectly. However, a backup copy, or even a copy of the hosted files after they've been closed first, will not open locally. Actually, correction, one will open, but not before presenting me with the error first. The error is:


"The access privileges in this file have been damaged or possibly tampered with. Please contact FileMaker Technical Support if the problem cannot be resolved."


Once it is open I can get into Manage Security no problem.


I did try doing a Recover on the files and I do get the same message. I'd simply chalk this up to the files being damaged, but the same files hosted have no issue.


Another thing, I can pull down a copy of another file's backup and not get this error. Again, really seems like the two files are corrupted, and yet, wouldn't I be getting the error when opening the hosted copy?