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    Oracle Cloud connection


      Oracle is pushing Cloud solutions and we are looking at moving some big databases over onto it instead of hosting Oracle locally. Of course I'm interested from the FileMaker side of things. On the local server, we' easily make ODBC connections to Oracle. Does anyone know if Oracle's Cloud Computing supports ODBC or JDBC and if FileMaker can make connection to Oracle tables via Oracle's Cloud?

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          Logically nothing should change, in the way that the ODBc driver connects, the only change would be the External data source.


          I can't see Oracle changing to fundamentals of SB access when moving from local to cloud based solutions.



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            The difference is that when they sell you the Oracle Cloud, you are only given browser access and access to those tools.  You do not have a physical (or event remote) server that you can configure ODBC or such things on it.  Since Oracle runs the server, the question is whether they will make your tables available to you in a manner other than what they are advertising.  Obviously Oracle can do this, but it may not be a feature included in what they sell you in their "Cloud" services.  That is what I am asking about.  I did post this question on Oracle's forums and hopefully will get an answer there, but thought I'd check here too just in case someone has actually accomplished this from FileMaker. 

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              Oracle ODBC depends on SQL*Net, so my guess is "No" at this time.  It also looks pretty dang pricey:


              From the FAQ:


              Can I run existing applications outside Oracle Database Cloud Service and access the data through SQL*Net?  No. Oracle Database Cloud Service cannot be accessed using the SQL*Net network protocol at this time.


              I think they would be restrictive from a security standpoint, as your "sharing" servers with other customers.  You may want to look into Amazon Cloud services, as I think they may give you a little more functionality.




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                My inquiry hasn't been answered in the Oracle forums after being up for a full day.  So it sounds like their cloud literally only is delivered in web browsers.  Regarding security, they have you set up your own Users, groups, passwords, and even external authentications.  But they control the server and the network.  While it might seem price, I am working with an organization that spends millions every year on Oracle, so it might really be all that expensive when you compare with how it is done now.  But Amazon Cloud services certainly are something to look into.  But I'll not have a say as to what direction we go in, but was just wondering if we go to the Oracle Cloud, if that kills sharing info with FileMaker and it looks like that is true. 

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                  Was this issue ever resolved?

                  Can one see cloud-based Oracle tables in the ERD or is this impossible?

                  Are there alternatives?