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    Looking for a way to "portal into portals"


      Currently I have Tables A,B,C, and join tables AB and AC. I know that you cannot directly portal into another portal. I am trying to show data on C from A which i can do through the join table AC. The trick is Table B has a portal showing data from AB, and I want to call out a report/ table key on C and have the full portal from AB show on table C, Not just the Key. I have looked through Technet and didn't find a way to do this. I am pretty new to FM and the built-in help has alot to be desired.


      Thank you in advance,



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          Damon --


          Welcome to TechNet and FIleMaker!  May I suggest you rewrite your description in less computer-ese and more fucntion-ese.  What are tables A, B, C and what are you trying to achieve?  There are a couple of ways to get something like what I think you are describing, but let's be clear on what you want before going further.


          E.g. A is companies, B is people (at a specific company), and C is sales opportunities (with a person; implying a company link as well).  I want to show from the company view what opportunities exist in a portal with the name of the person at the company who is the contact for that opportunity next to the opportunity description.


          The above is doable in several ways.  It is probably not your exact question, so please send in what you want to do.


          -- Drew Tenenholz

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            Hi Damon,

            you can display a portal in a portal. but you might get accummulated data from C into a calculation field in B.


            Depending how you want to represent this you can use a repeating calculation field or the list function at least to display the data.


            Good luck.



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              You cannot place a portal within a portal. You can, however, mimic this structure.


              You have to use a calculated result of some kind (List being the most likely one you'd use).


              If you need to edit the grandchild-level data you'll need to do some relatively extensive coding or find another way to display the data.

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                Table"A" is Parts, Table "B" is Assemblies ( each assembly is a unique set of parts and part counts), and Table "C" is Purchases. Example: So when Johnny wants to buy 2 Toy cars and 5 pieces of long plastic track, I am trying to portal on Table "C" {Purchases} how many assemblies with their breakdown and also individual parts. I would like to portal the info because an order can be any length.


                My goal:

                By inputing Part Numbers "TC-A" and "PTr-Lg"  and the quantities 3 and 5 respectively in the portal the following would appear.


                Customer: Johnny


                Description________Part Number____Qty

                Toy Car Model A                  TC-A                  3   ( multiplier for assembly parts)

                     wheels                              W-1                 12

                     chassis                             Cs-7                  3


                     long plastic track            PTr- Lg               5

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                  Damon --


                  Thanks for the explanation, that's very useful.  What you are trying to do is pretty simple actually, and the way I'd solve it is to create a process that doesn't need anything like a portal with a portal.


                  Basically, what I see is that you have two independent (yet related) data sets:


                  Orders-->Order Items


                  Assemblies -->Parts


                  When a person places an order, you need to create in Order Items (also called line items) records which enumerate the parts for all assemblies and also show any individual parts that are being ordered.  One way to 'expand' an assembly into it's constituent parts would be to run a script that goes from the order to the order items, then loops through each order item, determines if it is an assembly needing expansion, and if so, creating additional order items for the original order.


                  There is some effort needed to get the sorting order for the order items correct, and you can also add some fun stuff for formatting 'primary' items from 'sub-components' as well.


                  My next question is, "Does this situation also requires real-time inventory tracking for the person placing the order?"  In other words, when a person orders the three cars, do they need to know right away that the assembly requires 12 wheels but there are only 10 in stock and the order will be delayed?  By 'right away', I mean are we on the phone with the customer and they might change their order based on live information, or can we wait until the order is more 'complete' and click a button to update the full breakdown of the parts required.  Really, this comes down to figuring out when to run the script, and if you are doing it after every order item, you might want to develop one work flow that would be different from the one you would create if you didn't need to do the expansion until the end of the order.


                  For example you could set up a ordering window (modal) that lets a user pick items/assemblies and shows availability of all Parts which allows the person creating the order to see the lines that will be created and then 'approve' their creation.  I would do this in a 'Temp' table that creates lines for the order, then transfers them once the user click 'add'.  But, there are a lot of other way you could do this too.


                  -- Drew Tenenholz

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                    The system doesn't need a real time inventory tracking, it would likely be updated after the order is placed. In what manner would the Order items and Parts be related? would one simply be a duplicate table of the other with all the same fields? would order Items be Parts 2 on the relational table? When you suggested the Parts to assembly table, would they be direct linked or would it be better to have the assembly table indexed per different assembly. The other way would be to have parts and on the assebly table have an index of each assembly the part goes to. I don't which way would be better for the method you suggested.


                    Thank you,