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    Dealing with windows on Windows


      I do much of my development on Filemaker Pro Advanced on a Mac. I always end up having to tweak the interface for Windows after the back-end and functionality is finished, and I accept that. One problem I have encountered, thought, that I have not come up with a good solution for is:


      How does one deal with open Filemaker windows on Windows resizing everytime you create a new window?


      To state my problem more succintly, whenever I have an open window (my main interface) on a PC running Windows and then create a new window (say a dialog) using:


      New Window [Name: "whatever" ; Height: 600 Width: 625: Top: $top ; left: $left ; Style: Dialog ]


      The existing window (which was previouly maximized to fill the screen) resizes to an apparently arbitrary size behind the new window.


      If I try to capture the dimensions and position of the existing window before opening the new window and resize it, I get unacceptible screen flicker (despite freezing the window).


      I get the same thing happening if I open a new window to work on data OFF SCREEN...


      I do not have any problems with this on my Mac clients. Does anyone have any insight?

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          Steve Wright

          Personally, I try my upmost to avoid new windows on 'Windows' because of this, although you can minimise the screen interuption by doing something along these lines if the original document window is in a maximised state.


          If [Get(SystemVersion) = "6.0"]


                Move / Resize Window [ Current Window ; Height: get(WindowHeight) + 39 ; Width: get(WindowWidth) + 20 ; Top: -30 ; Left ; -10 ]


                Move / Resize Window [ Current Window ; Height: get(WindowHeight) + 42 ; Width: get(WindowWidth) + 20 ; Top: -32 ; Left ; -10 ]


          End If


          Proceed to Open the New Window



          When closing the new window, maximise the original again.




          I also use a plugin 'Window Utility' by medical databases / practicemaker which has a function to 'freeze' the window, whilst not required, it just adds a little polish to the overal process.

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            First capture the window size.  The the window to that size.  Then open a new window of the size of your choosing.


            Set Variable [$Width; Value:Get (WindowWidth)]

            Set Variable [$Height; Value:Get (WindowHeight)]

            Move/Resize Window [Current Window; Height: $Height; Width: $Width; Top 0; Left 0]

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              I never maximize a window. I find Adjust Widow works well on both platforms.




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                Steve Wright

                It does indeed, however I personally dont like the solution window floating inside the filemaker application window, I think its old fashioned and ugly, but that is just my personal take on it.  I have no doubt it can be made to suite the individual solutions look and feel, its just not where I wanted to be.


                I do use new windows, but sparingly. When I do, I use the above window sizing technique (although figures may be a little off)
                I only use the plugin to freeze the parent window's state.  The results are as good as I could get them, the only visible movement is the changing of custom menu to reflect the new window.


                Edit : Here is a more recent video, without the screen flicker which was present in FM9



                Of course, since it requires a plugin to retain the look, its not of much help to anybody without that plugin

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                  The resize is a function of Microsoft windows,  it only allows one window to me maximised.  For this reason,  I try to not let the user ever open a window Full screen.  If I want to simulate full screen, I just make the new window a few pixels smaller then full screen.  Usually this is close enough that the user doesn't realize it's not full screen, but FileMaker doesn't resize the window when a new one is opened.

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