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Dealing with windows on Windows

Question asked by deninger on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by BruceHerbach

I do much of my development on Filemaker Pro Advanced on a Mac. I always end up having to tweak the interface for Windows after the back-end and functionality is finished, and I accept that. One problem I have encountered, thought, that I have not come up with a good solution for is:


How does one deal with open Filemaker windows on Windows resizing everytime you create a new window?


To state my problem more succintly, whenever I have an open window (my main interface) on a PC running Windows and then create a new window (say a dialog) using:


New Window [Name: "whatever" ; Height: 600 Width: 625: Top: $top ; left: $left ; Style: Dialog ]


The existing window (which was previouly maximized to fill the screen) resizes to an apparently arbitrary size behind the new window.


If I try to capture the dimensions and position of the existing window before opening the new window and resize it, I get unacceptible screen flicker (despite freezing the window).


I get the same thing happening if I open a new window to work on data OFF SCREEN...


I do not have any problems with this on my Mac clients. Does anyone have any insight?