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What are the advantages of using Global Fields and using a Script Parameter along with "Get(ScriptParameter)" ?

Question asked by prtechwork on May 16, 2013
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I'm new here, and new to Filemaker as of the last 6 I apologize if this a silly question, redundant, or posted in the wrong place.


Can someone please tell me what are the benefits of using Global Fields as opposed to making a typical field that is hidden from the end user and used soley for calculation purposes?




Can someone also please tell me what are the advantages of using Script Parameters within a 'Perform Script' that is called by a button; in conjunction with using the "Get(ScriptParameter)" function within a subscript. Seems to me it does nothing more than replacing a variable or constant within a calculation called by the parent script (as opposed to just declaring the variable or constant).


I'm not seeing the benefits but I'm sure there are some valid reasons that experienced developers use these techniques that make it worthwhile.


Thank you in advance for whomever cares to enlighten me.