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    Filemaker 12 Remote Deployment, *.mpkg issues




      I need to deploy Filemaker 12 client remotely using absolute manage. Usually this isn't an issue for me. I read thru the network install guide here:




      In the section titled "Installing remotely using Apple Remote Desktop (Mac OS)" -- it specifically mentions:


      8. Type ./AppleRemoteDesktopDeployment.sh “<path to installer folder>”, then press Return.


      Well.. about that. The script is looking for *.pkg files to include in the deployment package. Filemaker 12 ships with the main installer packaged as a meta package *.mpkg.


      admin$ ./AppleRemoteDesktopDeployment.sh /Users/admin/Desktop/stuff/

      ~/Desktop/stuff ~/Desktop/REMOTEPKG

      ls: *.pkg: No such file or directory


      cp: /Users/admin/Desktop/stuff// is a directory (not copied).

      pkgbuild: Inferring bundle components from contents of /Users/admin/Desktop/stuff//AppleRemoteDesktopPackage

      pkgbuild: Adding top-level postinstall script

      pkgbuild: Wrote package to /Users/admin/Desktop/stuff// ARD.pkg



      It ends up writing an empty 3kb pkg.



      Is there another way to package filemaker prelicensed into a flat file? It's really frustrating because I can't include the mpkg into an Apple restore image.


      Thanks for any assistance