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Remote Access/Network Issues with FMP Server

Question asked by scott.i on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 18, 2013 by wimdecorte

Hey everyone, I've recently been attempting to access database files on a Mac Mini running FMP Server 11 from an external network. I eventually worked the issue to a point where if I were to go to 'open remote' on a client computer on the internal network, I can see the dabases under 'local host,' but cannot see them when entering in the external IP. I basically followed these steps-


-Went into Security and allowed everyone 'access via the filemaker network.'

-Uploaded a test database using the 'Upload Database' command on FMP Server.

-Opened the ports listed here in Snow Leopard Servers' firewall, primarily ports 16000 and 5003. I eventually turned the firewall off completely when I couldn't get it to work.

-Port fowarded port 5003 on the router to the servers internal static IP,


After doing this, a client computer on the same internal LAN using remote access could see and access the databases on the local ip, but not using the external ip(acquired from It seems that the databases are shared in FMP Server, but the call from an external IP is either not being fowarded correctly to the server, or the server is not sending packet data back after the connection is made. Using a port fowarding tester, I can tell that the port is open correctly, but can't trace where the packets are going. I can also ping my external address just fine. On the host server computer, I can turn on firewall logging and try to send an external 'open remote' access call via Filemaker Pro 11, I can see that an 'out' call is made on the correct port, 5003, and I recieve an 'in' return call on, so it would seem the port fowarding is working fine, though I'm not sure this verifies that.


The Mac Mini server computer is running Snow Leopard Server, with a copy of both Filemaker Pro 11, and Filemaker Server 11 installed. Client computers are running Snow Leopard and Filemaker Pro 11. Our network is setup with a Comcast router/modem, connected to a switch hub. Can anyone think of anything else that needs to be done to setup remote access? Any suggestions would be appreciated.