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    Server 12 v4 update


      We are looking to move our FileMaker 12 server (windows server 2008 ) to v4. After reading the "update" instructions it seems more of a total uninstall and reinstallation then an update.


      Has anyone else gone through this update yet and care to share any feedback??

      The uninstall process is just a bit anoying as it removes IIS which is a minor annoyance to fix and also requires a reboot...


      Any help or comments are appreciated.

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          Well, the only experience I have with it was a hosting provider doing it for us, so it's peripheral. I can tell you the databases continued to function normally, except for one niggling annoyance: External containers with active content suddenly stopped functioning. I had to recode the database (quickly) to download and display the contents on the client machine to compensate.


          Don't have any idea if that's a bug in the 12.0.4 release or if the provider did something funky, though.



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            It does not remove IIS at all, it will redeploy the hooks it has into IIS but nothing else.


            As to the reboot: that's always a good idea to do even after a regular updater.  In this case, make sure to reboot after the uninstall and after the v4 install.


            I've done a few of these without any issues.

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              Thanks for the feedback Mike & Wim.  Planning this over the weekend.