Help:  Multiple fields into one field like a portal, but not a portal

Discussion created by gadgetat on May 17, 2013
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Our company has been using Filemaker for over 6 months and the general concensus is that the database is working well, and it's design is acceptible with one issue. The owner of the business does not like the look of portals in the forms for reporting.


Simple example. We have a Landowners Table, Contracts Table, and a Land Parcel Table. The reason for this design is working around many to many issues. 1 landowner can have multiple contracts and multiple parcels. A contract can have only 1 landowner, and multiple parcels (not necessarily all of the parcels the landowner has). And one parcel can be on multiple contracts. So, Contracts ties everything together.


Currently when you pull up a landowner you can see all the parcels under the landowner in a portal. My boss would like to get rid of the portal and have 1 "Cell" with all the parcels put together.


What we'd like to do is Group by a contract number, and in the report have all the parcels popped into a summary field associated with that contract. I've tried calculation fields but they fail. The simple solution is to have a portal on the form, but it doesn't "make for good printing." Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 10.10.52 AM.pngWhat the owner would like to see is the surface owner and a single field, let's say "Parcels Grouped" that would display all parcels that would be in the portal.




Rich Charpentier