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    Can someone lease me a copy of fmp?


      I've had a request from an ex-client who wants to lease a single copy of fmp for a few months: they don't need 5 copies, just one - can anyone help please?




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          worldcloud.com offers filemaker as SAAS, so that would be an option for you. Monthly rental of a virtual version of filemaker.



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            1. I would encourage you to explore your options before picking a FileMaker hosting/SAAS service.

            2. You should check Filemaker's licensing language with regard to leasing.

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              Hi, not touting for business, but responding to 's' (even less letters than our login!) just to confirm that we also provide FileMaker as SAAS in the UK as part of our Citrix cloud hosting service and can lease one month at a time - most of our customers are on a monthly subscription service. All licenses are purchased through FileMaker UK registered for leasing as part of our service. No doubt other hosting companies are doing the same.


              However, we do not lease outside of our hosted Citrix XenApp service, therefore are able to control licenses as no software is actually installed on a client computer or IOS device.


              Hope this helps



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                This is somewhat of a devils advocate perspective.  Ask your client to purchase a single copy.  In my experience,  any time I have put FileMaker on site and shown a client how to use it, they never stopped.  I know that the current project appears to be short term.  My guess is that it will continue on or morph into something more useful.  A single copy of Pro is $299 US.   By the time they track one down it probably would have been a lot easier to just purchase the one they need.

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                  Agreed. I suppose there could be a case for SAAS, but it's not like FMP is a multi-thousand $ appliation. Relatively small investment into what will no doubt turn into a long-term benefit for them.


                  Too bad you didn't have this question last week, when they had the 50% off promo for TechNet members!