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send mail (with attachment) fails

Question asked by mberezin on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by usbc

I have a simple script that sends an email via my client's smtp server, via encrypted SSL connection. When executed, it sends one message with an attachment. The attachment is always the same file, a ~760K PDF file. It's worked flawlessly for a year. Sometime last month it started to fail intermittently. When it fails, Filemaker gives me the not helpful "Email(s) could not be sent successfully." (error 1506 in Script Debugger) message. I just ran the script ten times, sending to myself: four times it sent the message with the attachment, and the others failed to send at all. When I un-check the "Attach file" box, it sends without problem. Any suggestions are appreciated!


FMP 11/Mac

FMSA 11/Mac