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Hello fellow developers,


This came up in conversation at the Friday Night Chat last night and, as requested, I am sharing here.


A number of people have brought attention to this in the past, including Mike Ross in 2010 and Steve Moore and Bev Voth in 2011 in the old TechNet, and myself and Grant Gelinas-Brown in 2012 in the new TechNet. I hope you find it useful.


This applies to FMS 11 and 12. I haven't tried it in earlier versions.


Best practice is to perform this procedure during off hours if possible and immediately after a scheduled backup. I include these instructions in a text file on the desktop of the FileMaker servers, and in the Disaster Recovery documents.


FMI KnowledgeBase article 6989.


See below for the text of KB article.


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The FileMaker Server deployment can be "reset" if the administrator user name and password for the Admin Console is forgotten or lost.

There are 4 configuration files that must be deleted, followed by a restart of the fmsadmin.exe using Command Line. After the restart, FileMaker Server will launch as if it is being deployed for the first time.

WARNING: Any schedules and non-default settings will be lost. Backups, Databases, and Plug-ins will NOT be touched by this process.

Steps to reset deployment of FileMaker Server:

  1. Navigate to...
    • Mac OS: /Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/conf
    • Windows OS: [drive]:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerAdminconf
  2. Delete the 4 xml files found in the /Conf directory
    • managerconfig.xml
    • server_config.xml
    • wpe_workerconfig.xml
    • ws_workerconfig.xml
  3. Restart the fmsadmin.exe using Command Line:

    fmsadmin restart adminserver

  4. Go to the FileMaker Server launch page in your web browser: <ipaddress>:16000
  5. Specify a new user name and password and redeploy FileMaker Server.