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Slow performance

Question asked by k.hoornweg on May 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by taylorsharpe

Try to find some help on this

We are a commercial organization and using FM for more than 10 years.

Currently we are using FM11 on a FM9 server with more than 20 users.

Our solution consists of more than 60 files from simple to complex (over 1 mln records) and many many relationships.

We are still develloping n a daily basis and all company processes rely in FM.

More and more we experience slow preformance even in cas of opening a simple table.

I did a lot of research ans know all the tips of avoid using uncalculated fiels, make indexes as much a possible, use blank layout outs, use max cache,etc, but even so, too often FM slows down. BTW, it is not a slowdown with a coffeecup but the Window system hangs.

So i'm asking and looking for more tips and possible courses.



An example of slow performance:

In one file I have more than 50 tables. In this file there are more than 250 table occurences. Many of them are related to other files.

I recently created a new table witn NO Uncalculated fields and all fileds indexed. The table (only 100 records) consists of the following fields).

Customer_id (number)

Product1_id (global)

Product2_id (global) upto Product40_id

Sales (number)

Month (global/number)

Year (global/number)


I created 40 different productt fields as i would like to use the same reocrds for more users at the same time so any use can choose its own products to check the sales quantities for these customers


This table is related to our SALES table which has over 1 mln records and located in anorher file.


A created an update script to update the field SALES by using the global fields as i would like to be flexible in choosing the product_id's


The updat script itself works properly within a reasonable time (approx 10 seconds)


However to open the table i often experience a delay of 30 seconds or more.


I open the table with the following script:

Open new window

Go to layout (blank)

Show all records

Sort (on customer_id)

Go to layout (showing all the data)

Go to records (first)


So it looks like a simple proces.


Could it be possible that the other TOC's and tables in this same file has any influence on this proces.


I realize that there are many things that could slow the performance but i hope that some of you can bring me any further,


Thanks in advance