Have you heard of FMRPC? (FileMaker Remote Procedure Call) Check it out...First Look

Discussion created by SkeletonKey on May 20, 2013


Since about the end of DevCon last year, Mark Richman, Skeleton Key and Jesse Barnum, 360Works collaborated on the creation of a new product, FMRPC:


FileMaker Remote Procedure Call - FMRPC


It allows a FileMaker user to run data and processor-intensive operations on the FileMaker server and on demand. This happens without the need for any plug-in, server-side queues or server-side schedules. In addition, FMRPC expands the functionality of both FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro, enabling them to things they simply can't do on their own. FMRPC is simple to install and secure, but we'll save all that for a future video.


For now, all you need to know is that it consists of 4 components:


• FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced with XML web publishing (and, if available, XDBC) enabled.
• One service, installed wherever the web server is installed
• One table, which you copy and paste into your solution
• Two scripts, which you copy and paste into your solution


Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel if you want to see additional information, such as what you can do with FMRPC, as well as under-the-hood
and how easy it is to implement. For now, here is a first look: