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    External Container relative path doesn't change when renaming files


      I've created a set of 'framework' files to use as a starting point for development of different solutions.


      I used the Developer Utilities to create a copy with a new name in order to start work on a new project. However, the 'relative to:' path in the Container storage tab of the field definitions hasn't changed. E.G, the main interface file of the blank 'framework' files is titled 'Modules' with an associated 'modules__Data' file. The path shown in the renamed copy is still '[database location]/Files/Modules/'.


      I had assumed that using Developer Utilities to rename the files would strip out this relative location, but apparently not. Any new container fields that I create in these files also retain the 'Modules' in the file path.


      Anybody come across this, and if so, did you manage to resolve it?







      Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 09.44.00.JPG

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          Does it matter since you don't have that checkbox checked for "store container data externally"?


          Best practice would be to store the data internally for your template, then activate the external storage once the file is hosted and ready to configure.


          Otherwise, cloning your file will do just that, make an exact copy. The only thing that would update based on the file name is any Get(Filename) calculations you have.


          In the above, only relative paths are translated based on the file name/location ( the [database location] tag ). Anything indicated in the "Open Storage" location is not file name dependent.