1- (or 2-) time export/dump from Quickbooks

Discussion created by flybynight on May 21, 2013
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I know this has been covered here before… I did do a search through the forums, but the archive files are hard to follow discussions.


We are looking to export data from QB into FMP. We are not replacing QB for invoicing (yet?), but are building a new job ticketing/tracking solution.


So, I have my exports from QB with a customer list and a customized "Sales By Customer Detail" report, that basically lists all of the invoice line items.

Unfortunately, I didn't see any way for it to include any ID key fields to link them all back together.


Any quick tips for doing this? I'm seeing at least 3 imports in my future:

  • Customer list (probably 2 imports: companies and contacts)
  • Invoices (same as "JobTickets" in my solution)
  • Invoice line items ("JobItems" in my solution)


Obviously, I need to link Companies >-- Contacts >-- JobTickets >-- JobItems.

Should I just assign sequential numbers before I do my import to use as the ID key fields? Then, bump my next serial number above that range for future additions.


Any time saving pointers would help. I'm doing the main dump now, then I'll have an additional dump to do shortly after this solution goes live, to catch whatever was invoiced between now and the go live date.