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    Dependent value lists


      I work for a school district and want the value lists to depend on a choice from before, but can't seem to get it work correctly.


      Three lists:

      Building - contains all the schools we have, easy to do, this is the start

      Department- each building will contain different departments, some will be grade levels, others will be subjects, this is dependent on the building chosen

      Staff- this will be the staff that is in the building chosen and the department selected, this is the one I actually get to work as I created a self join with the above two as global fields and if they are selected everything works.


      The problem is the middle value list, departments, the only way I can get it to work is to show all records not just the ones for the building chosen.


      Any ideas?


      Here is table occurances view:

      Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 6.43.17 AM.png

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          I think you are looking for the related value list which will be depend on the input value of Building in the global field (e.g. key_BUILDING). If so you can get it easily by creating a relational value list.



          Create a relation from Composite_Score to Building Table which will be mapping like as follows: (key_BUILDING = Building)






          Create a new value list which will list only the related departments from selected building. The value list should be create like below screenshot.




          Hope this will solve your requirement.


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            Thanks, I missed the last part with composite score only related.  That fixed it.