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    SuperContainer and cloud storage


      Any recommendations for storing photos on "cloud-based" external server?


      We're using WorldCloud to host a FMS 11 database with SC and while we get 20 GB of space included, we have over 10GB of SuperContainer-stored files and we're bursting at the seams.


      Buying more space on the FM server doesn't seem economical at $5 a gig per month versus $0.10 at Amazon, but I don't know if SC can successfully connect to an AWS server.


      Any out there using cheap cloud storage for SuperContainer files?

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          Have you thought about using a "cloud drive", something that acts like a hard disk but is stored in the cloud.




          I would worry about suffering major performance decreases, as well as racking up large cloud bills for the bandwidth required to pass ~10gb back and forth to and from the server to the cloud.


          It might be simpler to upgrade your worldcloud VPS with more drive space, and pass teh cost along to your client, with the explanation that 10gb of database storage is a pretty huge amount.