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    layout alignment between Mac and PC


      We are using filemaker mainly on Mac and occasionally on PC. One observation is that layout aligbment on Mac will be shifted on PC. Now we need access to the databases on both Mac and PC. Does anyone experience the same problem? What is a good way to solve this problem?


      The other observation is that the layout seems to be consistent if everything is arranged line by line and the shift happens when a checklist or radiobutton cross multiple rows, is that valid?


      Thank you for your insight and help!


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          I'm hoping that someone else has a better answer as well, but in my experience, this is just a fact of life. The only things you can do are to make sure that you use cross-platform fonts (I'm told that Tahoma works well), and also to make sure that your text boxes have a little "breathing room" in them. If a text box is exactly the size of the text it contains, any minor shift will result in something wrapping to another line, cutting off, etc. If you have some expansion room built in, then minor shifts won't be that apparent.


          If these are machines that you have some control over, you may be able to make sure that they all have the same version of the fonts you are using.


          And of course, test, test, test on both platforms.


          Good luck!


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            Font (more precisely, line spacing and letting) are usually the layout wrecker when going from Mac to Windows or vice versa.  You can have this happen between Macs if the line spacing is different for the same named font... I've seen several versions of Helvetica and most all have different spacing, which of course borks layouts.


            I've found it best to have one "official" font book and make sure nobody deviates... and if they do, you can always reset them back to your standard.  I will usually have a test layout just for fonts.  As soon as the file is opened on a new machine, I go straight to that layout to see if everything lines up.  If it does, I know I'm pretty much good to go.

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              Thanks for sharing your experience on this topic with me. I really appreciate it.


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                Fonts that are on both platforms, seem to work quite well across platforms - it is spaces that reek havoc. If you take a 2 word label, formatted on a Mac to fit, and put it on a PC, the label will not fit in the allotted space. However, if you use an underscore in place of the space, it formats consistently across platforms. This is not always feasible in real-world scenarios - underscores are not very user friendly - but it does allow the text boxes to be the right size, THEN you can remove the underscore and replace it with the space, gaining the original intent.