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    Need help with Relational Database lookup


      Hi! Thank you in advance for any possible help! I'm pulling my hair out.


      To summarize: I am making a video viewer for an Athletic Team. I have an "Editor" Table where I have entered in "Athlete Name", "Specific Event" and "Video"—which is tied to that specific event. For example, John Smith, had a game in Hawaii, and I put the video into a container field. I then entered each entry as a new record in that table. (There is also a ID# for each entry)


      In a new "Viewer" table, I established a relationship between the "Athlete Name". I set up pop-up menus, so that if you select "John Smith" the next field shows the specific contests as a value list. No problem there. The problem is, I just can not figure out how to get other values, for example, specific events. It just takes the first match of "John Smith" and shows the TD's, etc, from that event. I can't find a way to get it to search based on specific event. And my video container, based on that same problem, can only display the first video from a record of the Athlete's name.


      Please, please, if anyone can point me in the right direction! I've tried creating a third table, and linking the Specific Event between this new table and the "Viewer" Table, to no avail.....


      Thanks so much in advance!!!



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          What i understand is that you are not able to get Specific events while selecting "John Smith" as athlete name.


          There are many ways to accomplish this , one such way is ,described below.


          Let say , in Editor table , name = field for athletes , event = field to edit event name , video = field for the video


          Viewer Table , name1 = to select name for athlete , event1 = field for selected event.


          Create a portal for Viewer , by relation  Viewer--------name1=name-----------Editor , in Viewer table.

          In portal ,  you can show specific events ,when a name is selected in name1 field (name1 field will have valuelist data coming from Editor's table name field) .


          Create another  relationship from View to an occurance of editor , like Viewer---------name1=name , event1=event ---------viewer_EDITOR__specificEvent (Occurance for Editor) .


          In Viewer field , on the portal , append a button script , when a specfic event is selected , a script will run ,which will set field Viewer::event1=Editor:event


          On the side on the portal ,show a container field as viewer_EDITOR__specificEvent::video.


          Conclusion :- In Viewer table layout . Select an athlete name from a valuelist , a portal will show number of events attached to it ,Then ,select an event from from the portal , runs a script . Then at the side ,there will be a container field ,which will show specific video  for the event selected and athlete name.