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    CWP fails after 10 minutes

      We have a two machine deployment on Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS running FMS 12 v4 and our php apps quit after about 10 minutes. After restarting the worker system it works for 10 minutes and then again quits. The error message displayed in the log viewer after restarting for Web Publishing Core is "webuser PHP 401 565 when querying the database. This continues for about 10 minutes and then the browser displays a 500 internal server error and all 3 of the php apps stop working. Any suggestions appreciated.

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          401 errors are usually caused by authentication issues.


          As for the 500 error and the 10 minute crash, it sounds to me like something in your code is not completing, and it's just running and running until you hit the 10 minute timeout ceiling. I know this can be an issue in CWP when you're working with huge datasets and finds.


          Was this working before? What has changed that could have broken it?

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            We were running successfully in a Windows Server 2008 SP2 environment with Filemaker server 11. The current Filemaker Server 12 environment is running in Windows Server 2008 R2. Are there any known issues with R2?

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              Not that I know of, assuming you have SP1 installed, which is listed as the supported version of R2. And are running it on at least a dual-core processor.


              Without any more details on your solution, I'd imagine the update from Fm11 to 12 caused something that was timing out gracefully before to no longer timeout gracefully, causing a force disconnect when it hits the timeout ceiling.


              Is your PHP being executed from the same server hosting filemaker?


              I would also recommend backing up your settings and reinstalling filemaker server. For whatever reason that's corrected some WPE problems for me before. Hopefully you're in the testing phase of your migration and this is not mission critical at the moment.

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                Just wanted to update you on our Issue. We completed a reinstall of Filemaker 12 and changed some of the settings:

                1) Reduced Files to host from default to 40

                2) Set Filemaker Clients down from 250 to 50

                3) Set database cache to max 3071

                4) CWP sessions are 100


                Our environment  again is a 2 machine deployment with quad-core CPUs and 6G memory running Windows Server 2008 R2


                We seem to be able to pinpoint the issue. Clients using filemaker can access the databases without any issues. Web clients using CWP stop working after connected clients reach 40 of mixed type. (for example: fmapp(5) fmphp(35)), then we get 500-internal server error for web clients. This was not an issue before we upgrade from Filemaker 11.


                This is consistently happening when connected clients of both types (fmapp&fmphp) exceed 40, clients of fmphp get an 500 internal error.


                Filemaker support suggested another reinstall after removing McAfee Security software and leaving it off. Not sure how this relates and not running McAfee is not an option.