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    FileMaker Server 12 - Not closing XML/PHP connections


      I am experiencing a strange issue with our FileMaker 12 server. It is not correctly closing XML (and to a lesser extent PHP) connections.


      Even after simple queries are finished, the fmxml connections are still showing in the client list for the file. Once there are 2 or more of these users 'connected' the web publishing engine appears to completely freeze up. Restarting the WPE or manually disconnecting those web clients resolves the issue.


      I have noticed the same problem happening even with the FileMaker PHP technology test page. It will keep a FMPHP connection open. This is not a result of just seeing long queries process, because the pages in question are fully loaded, so the CWP connections should close.


      Any suggestions on what may be causing the issue?


      Server details:

      Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64-bit

      FileMaker Server 12


      I haven't updated to 12.0v4 on the server yet, as I am trying to co-ordinate this with various clients on that machine.Server_Issue.png

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          Hi Michael,


          This is expected behaviour with FileMaker Server v12 - the connections persist for around 3 minutes. See this thread where it was discussed:




          I'm not experiencing any issues with the WPE freezing up though - might need more details from the logs etc.





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            Hi Andrew,


            I had a read of that post, and I this part has me thinking it may be a different issue?


            Also, if I “re-hit” the same script I do not see any additional php connections


            I am often getting multiple connections appear (as seen in the screenshot provided).


            The performance issues do seem to only appear when there are multiple connections showing up for a file. There have been times when I have seen the same user 6 times on a file.


            Is there anything in particular that I should be looking for in the logs?

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              After looking through settings further, it seems that the issue isn't directly related to the number of connections displayed in the admin console.


              I think the performance issues are related to the FileMaker PHP installation in IIS.


              Does anybody have suggestions on the best settings to increase performance of the FileMaker FastCGI PHP installation?


              The current settings I have are:


              IIS 7, FileMaker PHP settings, FastCGI



              Full Path: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\php\php-cgi.exe




              Environment Variables: (Collection)

              Instance MaxRequests: 10000

              Max Instances: 30

              Monitor changes to file:

              Standard error mode: TerminateProcess



              Activity Timeout: 140



                Protocol: NamedPipe

              Idle Timeout: 600

              Queue Length: 2000

              Rapid Fails PerMinute: 10

              Request Timeout: 90


              These settings were changed to these values yesterday, and it did seem to improve performance slightly, but there are still issues.


              Any help would be appreciated. Clients are getting very frustrated with the issues.