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    Generate an .ipa from a fm solution


      Is possible to generate a .ipa from a filemaker solution?



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          First off, why??? You're basically asking "Can I generate an iOS app from Filemaker", which is just outside of the general scope of what one would use it for.


          Secondly, it's theoretically to create just about any kind of file using plugins, applescript, and a LOT of creative coding and elbow grease, but there is a limit of practicality you run into pretty quick.


          A larger explanation of your goal might point out some alternatives or drumming up interest from other developers that might have iOS app creation experience.

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            I need to put my FM solution in several iPads by MDM program like Afaria or other.

            In then you can install apps or .ipa files but you can´t install files inside app (my solution in FMGo folder), it´s only possible in iTunes, or dropbox… and I liked use the MDM.

            Any idea, please?


            Thank you for your message.

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              an MDM/MAM will only ever allow you to add apps (IE filemaker GO itself) or profiles (allowing you to install a "launcher" shortcut to launch an FM GO file). But it can not, as you noted, install a file into the filemaker documents folder.


              What you might want to look into is alternative methods of distributing your file for FMGO. There will always be limitations, but I know there's ways to distribute files via email, and ways to "overwrite" your old files to perform updates as well.


              As far as I know, but my knowledge of iOS apps is limited. There is no way an app (.ipa) would be able to place your file into filemaker GO. You would actually need to recompile filemaker GO with your app pre-placed in the documents folder, which is just not possible.

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                One point, do all the iOS devices need to have their own copy of the solution, or are you looking to share the same data? If the latter then you want it hosted and not on the device anyway.