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Wrong message displays when two fields that are in a portal, fail validation

Question asked by user18988 on May 23, 2013
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Hello, i will really appreciate some help with this situation:


Background: I have a file named 'Master" with two tables. The first table named "Customer" has several text fields and a self generating number field that is used as serial number. That serial number is used as a key to the other file called "Period" which i access through a portal called Recent Periods. Through this 6 lines portal i enter two dates in each line, arrival & departure. I put a validation calculation in each of those date fields to let the user know if the arrival date is "After" the departure date and a custom message that should display in the case that the validation fails.


This is the problem: When i enter a date in the arrival field that is after the departure date, the validation message doesn't show. I do receive a message that say << "Arrival" is defined to require a value, but it is not available on this layout. Use another layout to assign a value to this field" >>. There is also a "Revert Record" button and an "OK" button in the message.


The fields are in the layout inside the portal and they are away from the borders of the portal. They are not in the table that the layout setup uses to "Show records from" but they are present in the portal and the relationship works because i can see several lines entered even if they don't "Validate". The relationship used by the portal is not set to allow the entry of new records directly through the portal. Instead y have a button to "Enter a new Period" that does the record creation in the background and the empty record shows correctly in the portal after it is executed. (I don't need to validate the fields if they are empty, only when two dates are entered and the arrival is after the departure a message should be generated.)


One last thing, if i go to a layout that has the "Period" table in the "Show records from:" and the two fields, and i put inverted dates on them , the validation message displays correctly.


Any suggestion on how to prevent the message that is generated when the error occurs through the portal and how to show the correct message is very welcomed.