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      Hello I have a Big problem !!!!!! ok in one layout is my sales items and every time i enter a sale i want to automatically put the word sold on a record in my inventory layout. Is that possible?

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          Sure, SetField is your friend. SetField( MyInventory::Message; "SOLD") Attach to a button in your sales form on the line item in the entry portal and we are done.




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            I'm still having trobule , its didnt work. Is there a way to auotmaticly sale a item once the bar code has been entered in a different layout. Now all my Layouts have there own assicated table so in my sales layout as soon as I enter a new record with the bar code i want it to put the word SOLD in my inventory layout that matches the bar code.


            thankyou for helping me

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              I assume you have a relationship between Items and Inventory, based on an ItemCode? ... Then make a calculated field in Inventory: If ( Inventory::ItemCode = Item::ItemCode ; "SOLD" ).



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                That Didn¹t work ether

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                  There are a lot of different ways to do this, and a lot of assumptions need to be made about your solution, but here goes ;-)


                  Couple of things you need to cover...


                  1. You need to trigger the activity

                  2. You need to identify the inventory item and then set a field to hold the word sold (there are other options, but keep it simple)


                  As I say, there are lots of ways of doing it but here is one solution...


                  1. You either need to set up a button that is always pressed when this activity is carried out, or you can set up a script trigger that gets fired when a condition is met (eg typing into a field or whatever)


                  2. You should now have a link through to the inventory item via a relationship, so you should be able to set the related field through the relationship.


                  As there are so many variables here its a little difficult to give exact answers, but I'd happily have a look at your solution for you if you want to get in touch and send me a copy.