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FileMaker Pro 11 and Windows 8 compatibility

Question asked by stephensexton on May 23, 2013
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Are there are tricks to getting FileMaker 11 working with Windows 8?

I have a client that is unable to see any shared files in the 'Open Remote' dialogue box from his new Windows 8 laptop. FileMaker 11 seems to open ok, but he can't see the files hosted from their server. The server is listed under local hosts and also favourite hosts, but when you click on the listed server, there are 'no files' displayed. The business is not likely to update to FileMaker 12 at least for a few months.


The server is using: Windows 7 Professional and FileMaker Server 11


I am aware of FileMaker's policy that Windows 8 is not supported for FileMaker 11, but would appreciate any other info that might help us in this situation.