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    Kiosk Layout Design


      I am looking for a multi-table layout design for a kiosk system (no FMP12 menus whatsoever). I would just like to see one to get ideas on how to setup my application.



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          Well that's quite an open brief :-)


          What is the system going to do, what platform will it be delivered on (mac/windows & screen size).


          Turning off menus is quite easy, but just remember that everything you remove may need to added back in elsewhere.


          I generally have a navigation menu across the top running from the left, buttons running from the right and a home button top left (normally a logo). That said I'm just putting the finishing touches to a dynamic menu system with buttons running down the left hand side.


          One place to look is at websites as they can give good design ideas (and bad :-) but remember vthey u different technology so can be difficult if not impossible to replicate, but can give you ideas.



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            Thanks, Gary, for your suggestions. The system will be windows with a

            standard screen. I just noticed that all of the samples put forth by

            FileMaker include the FileMaker toolbar requiring that the user know how to

            utilize it and I don't want that so editing, adding and deleting needs to be

            accommodated from the layouts. I was just looking for design recommendations

            on how they should be laid out i.e. samples of kiosk systems currently up

            and running.




            I appreciate your response.  I am an old-time DOS dBASE guy and I'm finding

            FileMaker a blast. Now if I could only convince my son-in-law client to

            support a trip to Dev Con I would be a happy camper.




            Steve Baker