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Http requests from scheduled script

Question asked by bricmgt on May 24, 2013
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I've created a script that sends a GET request to a webserver, then parses the response and fills in a field in FMP 12. I'm doing this using the webviewer, the script looks like this:


Go to Layout[]

Set Webviewer []


Set Variable [$$response; Value:GetLayoutObjectAttribute ("GetResponse"; "content"]

Go to Layout["Response" (Response)]

New Record/ Request

Insert Calculated Result [ parsed response]]


This works great on a computer, the issue I'm having is I'd like to have this be a scheduled script running on Filemaker Server, the Set Webviewer command is not available on that platform. Are there some other options? I was starting to head down the custom functions path, but have not done one before. Maybe this is a good way to learn?


Any suggestions would be great,