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Differing find results when database hosted on FileMaker Server 11

Discussion created by Anatole Beams on May 25, 2013
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Mac Mini running OSX 10.7.5 with Filemaker Server 11.0.4


- When I run the database hosted on FMS and access using FMpro on the same machine or any other, when I do a date range find I am given a nonsenical result of a fairly random collection of recent records.

- When I close FMS and run the same database using FMpro client the range find works perfectly.


I have tried recovering the database, changing the date & time settings on the server and restarting everything.


Any other ideas?


I am reluctant to install 11.0.5 as it is such a palaver and I am not using 10.8, but this is one thing I have not tried.


Thanks - Anatole