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Text Formatting in IWP

Question asked by nicola on May 28, 2013
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Im looking for a solution for the following Problem. My client wants a

business-solution that allows him to write letters in IWP. I am generating a PDF-File on the server and let him download this PDF.


Now the client would like to format the text in his letters, like setting a word or a paragraph in bold or underline. I would like to put buttons like bold/underline/italic etc. into the layout as you can see in many webpages like here in the forum - on top of the textfield.


I have made a script that uses the ActiveSelectionStart and ActiveSelectionSize to Cut out the Selection, put in in a globalfield and the put it back in place with the new format. It works nicely in Filemaker but apparently in IWP the ActiveSelection-Functions do not work properly - I always get the complete size of the fieldcontent as ActiveSelectionStart and than 0 for size.


Does anyone have an idea how to to this in IWP, is there a plugin for it?