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    Text Formatting in IWP




      Im looking for a solution for the following Problem. My client wants a

      business-solution that allows him to write letters in IWP. I am generating a PDF-File on the server and let him download this PDF.


      Now the client would like to format the text in his letters, like setting a word or a paragraph in bold or underline. I would like to put buttons like bold/underline/italic etc. into the layout as you can see in many webpages like here in the forum - on top of the textfield.


      I have made a script that uses the ActiveSelectionStart and ActiveSelectionSize to Cut out the Selection, put in in a globalfield and the put it back in place with the new format. It works nicely in Filemaker but apparently in IWP the ActiveSelection-Functions do not work properly - I always get the complete size of the fieldcontent as ActiveSelectionStart and than 0 for size.


      Does anyone have an idea how to to this in IWP, is there a plugin for it?




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          I don't know of any native text formatting functions that are IWP safe.


          Here's an article that details what you want to do via a web viewer:



          Not sure if that's of any use to you. A web viewer would also open up some other web-service features as well that could be useful to your application.

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            That is a great link you've suggested.  Thank you.



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              Hi Mike, thank you very much for your suggestion. I´ve tried it out and it works perfectly on most of the layouts Unfortunately I have some layouts that contain 5 or more fields that need to be able to be formatted, it looks a bit full with all these text-editors here.


              I first thought I could just have one editor for the whole filemaker-layout, like just showing the filemaker-IWP-layout inside of the webviewer and having one editor around it but that obviously can't  be done - can it? Well, the we´re back at the original problem of not knowing which textstring is actually selected and is supposed to be formatted.


              Well then I probably have to rebuild the layout in html/php - well than the cool trick is not a trick anymore.


              Or do you have another idea here Mike?



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                Personally I'm more of a CWP guy and have steered pretty clear of IWP except for simple tasks, so unfortunately I don't really have any more suggestions.


                Conceptually, I would say you need to load the blocks of text into a webviewer, then handle the ActiveSelectionStart/end with simlar javascript or web language functions.


                You might be able to create a "helper" website hosted page that handles a passed text string. Then in IWP pass the text you need to into the web viewer using that helper page URL. you would then need to create a web scraping script for IWP that scraped out the text when done for a "save" button.


                CWP is full of more robust capabilities, but also comes with the overhead of learning PHP and the filemaker CWP functionality.

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                  CWP would actually allow you to have a text editor much the same as we see here in TechNet.


                  In IWP you could simulate the functions if you could get your client to learn a bit of basic HTML like <b>Word to be made bold</b> so that the html text is then interpreted for the PDF.


                  - Lyndsay