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    FileMaker Go & MSSQL ESS hibernation issues


      Hi everybody,

      I'm having a strange issue with an solution of mine that baiscally is a mix of FM tables and ESS tables. After opening the solution via a 3g network , everything works fine. If the user hibernates the solution (either from an incoming call or hitting the home button) , and the user re-opens the solution within an hour or two , it's still ok. If the user tries to re-open the solution after a few hours , the reauthentication privelage set works fine for the FM part of the solution, but any field referenced in ESS simply states <<Connection Lost>>. ie , hibernation / re-authentication is working fine for the FileMaker tables but not the MSSQL ESS tables. The users are using a privelage set called 'fmreauthenticate5000' (around 80hrs) so they don't have to re-login after hibernation even if there is no activity for a few days. The only way to re-establish connection to ESS is to close the file and open it again. Has anyone else had this problem ???


      Here's the configuration stats :


      FileMaker Server on Windows 2008 R2 64Bit , FM Go 12.07 , MSSQL Native Client drivers 10.0 installed on the FM server (64bit and 32bit versions) , MSSQL 2005 9.00.5000.00

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          The connection to your ESS is assumably managed by your filemaker server. Thus you need to setup the timeout time in the settings of the ODBC DSN on your server.


          As you noted above: "MSSQL Native Client drivers 10.0"


          find the settings for this, and there should be some sort of timeout setting in there. The timeout for ESS is unaffected by Filemaker GO itself (as noted, within two hours it works), it is assumably affected by a "countdown after connection" setting in the MSSQL connection settings.


          Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the MSSQL as I'm normally connecting to MySQL data. Hopefully this gets you started though.

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