sorted list output of related records

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We have a formula to produce a cosmetics.

These formulas have related records, fo_itens, which contain the percentage of each ingredient, the name/description, price etc. all pulled out of our "products"table.


We need a text field, which shows the name of each formula item, comma separated.

I have managed to calculate this text field with

(Substitute( List (fo_itens_PRODUTOS::prod_INCI_name ); ¶;", ")

just fine.

This field is sorted by the creation order of the product table (PRODUTOS). I would like that the items are SORTED by another field in fo_itens, which is the percentage. Higher percentages should be listed first.


Any hints how this can be accomplished?




Produtos Produtos

Formulas formula

Formula itens fo_itens (an intermediary table for the many-many relationship between formula-produtos. Here I have the percentage % which goes into each formula of each product.