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    GetAccountName in Header?


      I want to display the current account name in the header. This to confirm for users that they are loggen in properly.


      GetAccountName works in the body, but in the header it seems to default to a previously logged in account name. When there is a change in an individual record, the account name in header changes for that record only. Go to a record that hasn't been changed and the account name in the header reverts. So, after log-in, GetAccountName returns different results depending on which record is active.


      Do I need to abandon displaying this info in the header - or can I make it work?


      Thanks, Thom


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          It sounds like you've created a calculation field using the Get ( AccountName )  function? If so it sounds like this field is set to store the result - try changing the storage options to "unstored" and it should work as expected.


          If you're using FileMaker Pro v12 you can also do away with using a calculation field and use one of the layout symbols that you can insert via the Insert>Other Symbol ... menu command in layout mode. You can insert:




          onto the layout in the header to achieve the same result.





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            Found it. Thanks!