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    Exit Application on iOS


      I have a button on a FMGo (iPhone) layout that performs an "exit application", but actually, it does not exit the FileMaker Go application, just the file is is executed from. Does anyone know if it's possible to return the user to the Home screen, exiting the FMGo app completely?

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          Unfortuntately this option is not available in FM Go.  This option is on my wishlist.

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            please add it as a feature request - i already did - this is really essential for us too - our clients all demand it and whatever we explain they don't understand why we just can't do it.

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              An important thing to keep in mind is that the solutions we build are not "truly" applications.  The complexity arises when a solution built by one developer effects other developers solutions.  There may be situations where the product you created is NOT the only one running in a users version of FMGO.  Imagine if Apple decided to give the power to a web designer to "quit" Safari when someone closes there page.


              This concept goes beyond iOS... In years past I used to use the Exit Application as a means to leave solutions I built, I have since changed that philosophy, as it is not a good approach to working with other FileMaker solutions.  FileMaker originally cut its teeth as a user application, thus it was understandable why the "Exit Application" step even existed in the first place, but now that there are many developers building solutions it is far more likely that a user may wind up with more than one FileMaker solution on there system.  I would not be surprised to see the Mac & Windows version of this script step be eliminated as well.


              It is my opinion that unless you are building a Kiosk it is best to develop your solution to "ONLY" effect YOUR solution.

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                doesnt make sense to me - just give me options - if you dont like it - dont use it.

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                  You missed the point completely...  FileMaker and Apple probably don't want you to have that option, and for a good reason.  Your "Option" may be a problem for another solution running on the same system.


                  The only way they could resolve this would be to create a runtime style application that could be quit and leave other solutions alone, or they could also alter the script operation to only allow exit if it is the only file open.

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                    why did i miss the point - because i ask for a choice? the reasons are obsolete you can check what windows are open of what files and branch accordingly ..

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                      You are still missing the point.  If you include scripting in "your" solution that Quits FileMaker, any other FileMaker solutions running will also be quit.  This may be less than desirable for the other solution.


                      If a user is running a solution you develop and one I develop at the same time (this is occurring more and more as FM becomes more popular), The end user and I may not want my solution to be shut down when they close yours.  If you put an Exit Application step in your solution I can do nothing about this, as I have no control over what another developer does.


                      In addition iOS application do not quit themselves.  They are left running in the background unless quit via the system.  This is controlled by iOS not FileMaker.

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                        why do i miss your point? i repeat: you can check which windows are open




                        if they match all



                        then exit application

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                          Yes you can.. But what if you don't?


                          You are missing my point because you are assuming you are the only developer in the equation.  Many people run more than one FM solution at the SAME time.




                          If FileMaker had a script step that shut a computer down, and a developer foolishly chose to incorporate it into their solution, this effects things outside the bounds that that developer should have.  Currently such actions are considered virus's.  While there are many good FileMaker developers, there are also plenty of bad ones.   Basically I assume FileMaker does not want a bad developers solution taking down another developers solution.

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                            that is irrelevant for me - i am only responsible for my solutiion - if other files run and quit i know what to tell my clients.


                            //i believe it is unlikely that people run more then one solution simulatiously on iOS

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                              Here's my perspective:


                              I understand why Exit Application does not quit the app. WSVP points out a very good reason why. Give a developer control and they WILL quit other solutions (if there are more than 1 open), which is dangerous.


                              However, since there are currently ways of creating an icon that "appears" like an individual app on your iOS device,this means tha when a user taps on their own app icon and then they quit, they get a list of FileMaker files, that's not desirable.


                              My hope was that there may be a way of quitting the FMGo app from outside the app itself, that way, I could return the user to either a web page or their home area, whilst not leaving the app open. I suppose even leaving the app open and having it launch a webpage is possibly the only nice way to manage this....?

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                                Thank you Peter...


                                You "did" get my point...


                                I "think" what people are ultimately looking for here is a way to insulate the end user from arriving at the FMGO file list.  I am not sure FileMaker has any way to achieve this.  While you can close individual files. The FMGO application is still running (as it should be in iOS.)


                                I have well over 100 commercial apps on my iPad, and "not" one of them can exit or return to the Home screen from within the app.  Only the home button or the hand close gesture can accomplish this.  Additionally in order to actually "Quit" the app you need to double tap the home button or use the 4 finger push, then close the selected apps from the string at the bottom.  Thus I suspect this is an iOS controlled area.


                                While I do agree with FileKraft that most users "at present" will likely use "one" FMGO solution at a time.  I also believe, in the future the opposite will be true.  Ultimately I think there will be a lot of FMGO solutions out there and many will likely be running together.


                                FileKraft, when you say... "that is irrelevant for me - i am only responsible for my solutiion"... this may be true for you... But FileMaker is responsible for what the Application can do.  Just as it is important for an operating system to make sure different applications play well together, it is important to FileMaker that different solutions play well together.  FileMaker has really evolved into a Platform.


                                As Peter said...

                                "Give a developer control and they WILL quit other solutions (if there are more than 1 open), which is dangerous."...

                                I am happy that the FMGO solutions I develop for iOS will not be force-closed because another developer chose to "Exit Application" instead of just closing "their" solution only.

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                                  "Quitting an app" isn't how apps work.


                                  Apple Human Interface Guidelines: "Never quit an iOS app programmatically"


                                  wsvp: "I have well over 100 commercial apps on my iPad, and "not" one of them can exit or return to the Home screen from within the app."

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                                    I'm ok with that, I'm just hoping to find a better way of handling it. It would be nice if you could launch the "finder" (I don't know what the home screen is called in iOS?)

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