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    IWP - "No Databases Available"


      Currently I'm running Windows 7 with Filemaker Pro Advanced 12. With IWP enabled, I'm able to use my database as needed. Unfortunately that only works for half a day or so, and then comes up with "No databases available" on the IWP homepage.


      I've tried a whole lot of Google searches to no avail. Here's what I've tried and the only (very cumbersome) solution I've found.


      1) Close Filemaker and Re-Open - No Luck, Same Issue Present

      2) Reboot Computer and Re-Open - No Luck, Same Issue Present

      3) Uninstall Filemaker by itself, reboot and install again - No Luck, Same Issue Present

      4) Uninstall Filemaker AND Bonjour, reboot and install again - The ONLY solution I've found to fix the problem. Obviously though, I can't be doing this every half a day.


      I've also created user accounts for each database, tried changing the port, made sure the extended priveledges were set correctly to allow IWP for each account, etc. and the only solution works is option 4 listed above.


      I can still access my databases via FMPA12 and via Filemaker Go no matter what, but not at all with IWP.


      There's no firewall active on my computer, and plus I can get to the homepage for IWP - just doesn't list any available databases.


      Can anyone offer advice on how I might fix this?


      To be honest, I'm quite frustrated...I got busy and my trial ended before I could really evaluate the software at all. Then, Filemaker refused to extend the trial so that I could really evaluate it for my company. Finally, I got a forum-member's special and got my boss to purchase it since it was a good deal. I'm 98% done with the first of many solutions I need to build for our company, and IWP has been very VERY unreliable which isn't helping me justify the purchase to my boss and justify the later investment in more licenses, FMP Server, workshops/training, etc.


      Email support was lackluster at best (a seemingly scripted response with links to many basic FM articles I'd already seen in my searches with a farewell of basically "if that doesn't help, call support"). Unforutnately I rarely have time to call support during normal business hours (busy with many other things in the office) which brings me to you wonderful folks!


      I've already garnered so much knowledge from you all via searching through and reading past posts, and any help you could give me on this issue would be great!


      Thanks in advance for your time!



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          Here are your options for web publishing...



          I don't recommend using IWP. In my experience it is more trouble than it is worth...being very honest.


          If you're using it via FileMaker client it will be less reliable than if you are running it using FileMaker server. If you're using it just to save on purchasing FileMaker clients it's probably worth purchasing the clients so that your users have full access to all FileMaker features. Otherwise, you'll spend more time in developing a solution that is less capable. If you have an appropriate use of web technology for your use case then you should look at the other options for doing that besides IWP.


          Hope that helps,


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            Thanks for the reply, Tim! I know IWP is far from ideal and is definitely not a long term solution. For the long-term, as incorporate more of our business process into Filemaker, users would get the Filemaker software and we'd likely setup a dedicated instance of Filemaker Server. For web-sharing stuff (order tracking for clients to come and enter a PO number and see where their job is in the factory), I'd likely syncronize with SQL and PHP (although I don't know either yet, haha!).


            For now though, I only need to share one very simple solution - it literally has 4 fields plus a portal with 4 more and a couple of buttons.


            As a side note, I think I've figured out my issue - uninstalling and reinstalling didn't have any effect last night, but the one thing that seemingly fixed it was setting IWP and FileMaker Network access to "No Users" and then back to Specified Users, with only one file open.


            Seemingly it was a conflict between 2 database files that were open that had different permissions/accounts.


            I say seemingly, as that's what the problem appears to be but I don't want to break it again to test it out!