FMPUG - Dallas, TX Meeting June 7th

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If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area June 7th:

This month's FIleMaker Pro User Group meeting will be Friday, June 7th, 11am, at the "Egg & I" restaurant, 15203 Knoll Trail Dr., Dallas, TX 75248. Meetings this year are schedule for the First Friday of each month for all of 2013. The meeting is free, but the food costs.

Kirk Bowman of MightyData will be our presenter this month and the topic is Case Study - Integrating FileMaker with Highrise CRM. One of Kirk's recent projects has been integrating FileMaker with Highrise, a web-based CRM from 37Signals. Some of the tasks Kirk has completed include authenticating with the Highrise API, parsing the XML grammar and understanding the data structure. Along the way he was able to write some dynamic scripts to parse multiple types of records from the API. Essentially, this a case study, a peak under the hood, at some recent code. We will explore different ways to accomplish these tasks and learn some new FileMaker techniques from each other.

Future Meeting Dates and Presentations:

06/07/2013 - Case Study - Integrating FileMaker with Highrise CRM (Kirk Bowman)

07/05/2013 - Monkey Bread Software Plugin (Taylor Sharpe)

08/02/2013 - FileMaker Server Best Practices (Rosemary Tietge)

09/06/2013 - Devcon 2013 Wrapup (Martha Zink)

10/04/2013 - TBD

11/01/2013 - CNS Plugins (Jake Traynham)

12/06/2013 - TBD

FMPUG Chapter Information and schedules are posted at http://www.fmpug.org/dallas


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