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IWP Error 101 on Go to Record/Request/Page

Question asked by Bitgeist on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 31, 2013 by mikebeargie

I don't utilize IWP often but it presented a perfect solution to a recent project. It is an enterprise solution that runs motorcycle races around the US. I wanted to allow the racers to access their profiles as well as results and statistics online without it costing the client a fortune in custom web development. I created specific layouts and scripts for the IWP front end but began encountering a massive amount of errors logged by the server. I found some examples and solutions online but very few explanations as to why. This particular one was puzzling because it does not seem to have a reason for manifesting itself. After a little experimentation I found the culprit to be a "Go to Record/Request/Page" script step nested within a loop. The "Next" and "Exit after Last" parameters were switched on as it was intended to go through a set of records performing a "Set Field" until it reached the final record at which point I wanted it to exit the loop and proceed with the rest of the script. Something I'm sure everyone has done a million times in the past. The problem seems to be that although the script editor indicates no incompatibility with IWP it still throws an error every single time it is triggered. It operates exactly as expected otherwise. The solution I came up with was to insert a check right before the "Go to Record/Request/Page" step. Exit Loop if ( Get( FoundCount ) = Get ( Record Number ) ). This worked like a charm. The script still works as intended and the error is no longer being reported. The best I can deduce is that part of the "Exit after Last" parameter's functionality actually depends on a 101 error being encountered as a trigger to "Exit". Does anyone know if this is the case and if not, what have I missed? Thank you.


Error Text:

FM Web Publishing - - wpc1 Web Scripting Error: 101, File: "FileName", Script: "ScriptName", Script Step: "Go to Record/Request/Page"