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When to use a FileMaker solution?

If your database needs fit within these constraints, developing a FileMaker solution is appropriate if your database:

  • Does not house any combination of personal information as defined in section 17.02 of the Massachusetts regulation for safeguarding the personal information of Massachusetts residents. This includes a person's name in combination with ANY of the following:
    • Social Security Number
    • Driver's license or state ID number
    • Financial account or credit card number
  • Is not a system of record
  • Will not share sensitive information via the web
  • Will not exceed 80 simultaneous connections (if web-enabled)
  • Will be accessed through FileMaker clients from a single department, lab, or center

If the statements listed above are True, then FileMaker may be suitable for your needs. When implemented according to MIT standards and best practices, FileMaker should serve your department well.

You are strongly urged to refer to the checklist of security guidelines.

If your needs exceed the limits listed above, you should probably be looking at another technology. DCAD can help you make that judgment call and provide you with the necessary services to get you on your way.


complete : http://ist.mit.edu/consulting/db/fm