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Inserted Images from Shared Directory Require Read/Write Access?

Question asked by ErikWegweiser on May 29, 2013

Greetings: We are working with FM Pro 10/11 users in a system that includes a single container field for inserting and

viewing graphics files by reference to a shared directory. Julie has read/write access to the shared directory

and is able to use the 'insert' button to insert the file based on the filepath already stored in the pathname field of the database.

Once inserted, Julie can see the referenced image in the container field. She can also click the 'Show in Finder' button

that uses an AppleScript to open the correct folder and select/highlight the referenced file, if she wants to work with the original.


Anybody else, including me, with read-only access to the mounted shared directory, can not see the thumbnails in FM or

perform the 'Insert' routine (however, the 'Show in Finder' routine does work for everyone). The 'Insert' routine

produces a 'this file is locked or in use' error in FileMaker (see below).


So we're trying to figure out how/why it is even possible not to see the images in FileMaker, with the shared directory mounted,

unless the user has read/write access to that directory, and why the insert function fails. Neither of these

functions, particularly the former, should require write access to the directory. I would think.



Everyone involved has the same privileges in FM.


Let me know if I can provide any further information that would be helpful in analyzing the problem.

What might be the cause and remedy?