Remote container fields in IWP not working properly

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I ran into a problem using IWP and Remote Container storage not displaying any PDFs. Perhaps someone can help me out.


One of my customers is running a FileMaker Server Advanced 12 (v12.0.3.327, on a MacMini with 10.8.3), using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and IWP.


Ofcourse the fmpserver is behind a firewall, but ports 80, 5003 and 16000 are accessible and I do not use SSL (yet).

I use the Remote Container feature (Open Storage) to store photos and binary files (PDF) on the server. On the layout, the container field is formatted as 'interactive', so PDF and photos will be streamed.

This works very well on FileMaker Pro and Go, both locally (on the same network) as well as over the Internet.


On IWP, it is a different story.


Photos are displayed in the browser, but apparently they are not streamed. The URL that is displayed is something like this:


<WAN IPaddres>/fmi/iwp/data.jpg?-containerfield&-recid=5&-field=317(1).38


which does not point to a '/Streaming' folder. and large photos come in slowly, so the thumbnail is not used.


Worse, PDFs are not displayed at all; a grey field appears instead.

When you choose 'Open PDF in New Window' (Safari) the URL is:


A temporary copy is made in the Streaming folder, but the URL points to the local IP address of the FMP server!


Any suggestions what's going on here and what to do about it are welcome.


Hans Erik