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    What is the Webstart plugin?

      Can this be used to create a stable situation even when java changes and updates, etc. ?

      What is the Webstart plugin?

      Provides the following features:

      • Ability to setup the Webstart Cache in any location on the hard-disk, not necessarily the Webstart default which is in the User Home. This Webstart Cache is where Webstart will download all the jars to launch a particular application
      • Ability to start the application locally. This is especially useful if the Application Server on which the application is deployed is at a Remote location and the connection speed is not too fast. Webstart by default connects to the Application Server each time to check the version of the jars. The plugin provides a feature wherein the application is downloaded and then run on localhost thereby reducing the time Webstart spends in detecting version updates.
      • Ability to launch Webstart to open the application specified in the JNLP file provided.
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          Can you elaborate a bit on what sort of "stable situation" you are trying to create in terms of Java, WebStart and Filemaker?

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            Very funny, Mike.

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              Sorry, I wasn't really trying to joke, but those three things can still come up with hundreds of server combinations.


              My strategy has been to make standalone filemaker servers and focus on in/out network security (as opposed to application security, the main reason for Java updates). That way I can let some Java updates wait a few weeks before install to make sure other users aren't crying foul over something that has broken.


              I've been running our servers in HYPER-V to accomplish this, and have a decent standalone image that I can roll out as needed.

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                Oh. The stable situation I was referring to centers on the Admin Console.

                My question is would this Apache plugin give us a stored method to have it work without regard or being subject to the ongoing security updates needed for java.


                I understand your approach to the problem. But some number of developers do not solely control our client's servers. Having to suggest to the client's IT staff to wait on a security update until we see if something breaks ..... (fill in your own opinion)


                I personally don't know enough about Apache to answer my own question. I'm hoping the smart kids do.




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                  I did a little more reading on webstart, since my LAMP stack knowledge (for the apache component of this) is a bit rusty (filemaker makes it easy to forget linux DB server stuff), as well as this maven plugin. I do not believe it would technically allow you to accomplish what you're hoping for.


                  If I'm correct, you're hoping for a little independence from Java itself for the filemaker admin console. What the above does though only caches the java application files for faster launches, but it is still Java platform dependent, meaning it would continue to be affected (negatively, if so) by any Java updates made to the system.


                  Filemaker, I believe, is already using webstart. If you have a FMS console shortcut on your desktop, see where it points to. Something like:

                  C:\Windows\SysWOW64\javaws.exe -localfile "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\52\3209e3f4-4d5b9b42"

                  It's obviously launching from some sort of locally cached file.


                  I have dealt with "The IT Department" before, so I share your frustration, (especially when they update the server without gracefully disconnecting users, or not restarting filemaker after the server is rebooted, or causing suspicious file corruption). Unfortunately I can't theorize a way to make the FMS admin console independent of the system's Java version.