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May 30th, 2013; Compu-Books of Phoenix, Arizona announces a new release of ReservationsV9, a FileMaker built property management solution designed for hotels and inns, Bed and Breakfasts, cabins, campgrounds, RV resorts and marinas. Today's release incorporates major feature upgrades and user requests, including a FileMaker Go module, a new calendar, and more modifiable layouts to name a few.  The Reservations solution is in its 13th published year with users in 30 countries.


Key Features:

- Book Reservations for individuals, groups and agents

- Unlimited number of rooms and rates

- Graphically displays availability at a glance in a floating, color-coded window

- Email confirmations to guests and groups

- Keeps history by guest and by room

- Commissionable room rates for Agents

- Point of Sale module for gift shops, rentals or day use

- Details from POS sales post to guest invoice

- Drag-n-drop or scan items on POS invoice

- POS bar code printing and scanning

- POS hardware package available

- Full reports menu

- Upload availability to an online reservation service

- Display availability on your website with the online reservation service

- Integration with Acclivity US and MYOB Australian accounting software

- Post guest invoices and POS sales to QuickBooks

- Virtual Terminal to process credit card payments 

- Send marketing emails to the 'found set' of records in select areas

- Extensive Help menus in program and a printable user manual

- Login security with 5 access levels

- Picture field to store images of guests

- Housekeeping status field

- Enter room rates with tax-inclusive for Australia users

- Streaming training movies on our Online Help Center


What’s new in Version 9:

Reservations Go! for iPhone

The NEW Reservations Go! module allows you to connect to your ReservationsV9 system from your iPhone!

• Search, add or edit guests

• Search, add or edit reservations

• Enter payments or deposits on reservations

• Synchoronizes with your ReservationsV9 system, because it's a 'live' connection

• Search availability on the calendar

• Pro Pack and Multi-users will be able to use this new feature for FREE!

• Connect with wifi from anywhere! (special router settings required)



This has been a long awaited addition to the Reservations system, we now have an add on calendar.  The new calendar has the following features:

• Calendar can be viewed in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly formats

• Users can easily search a specific day, or scroll through the events

• With the push of a button all reservations will be refreshed from ReservationV9

• Reservation details will be displayed on the Event details screens

• Ability to print the the Calendar in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Views.

• Easily add your own appointments to the calendar.  For example, holidays, special events, maintenance schedules, etc.


General Updates:

* Reservations has been upgraded to use the newest version of Filemaker 12

* Updated Credit card date drop down lists for selecting years & months.


Reservations Area:

* Enhanced the drop-down lists in the Reservation area on the Guest ID, Host ID, and Agent ID fields to allow type-ahead of the customer last name. This will greatly increase efficiency when dealing with a large number of guests or agents.

* EditableTax Rates on the Reservation screen.  Users may now modify the tax rate on a specific reservation, rather than changing this in the Settings area only.

* Enhanced the Search Availability screens to use alternating shaded lines which will make it easier to identify room availability with a large number of rooms.

* Added the Reservation Number to the Guest Check In Form.

* Modified the 'Check out' area to only display the "Record will be locked" message when the "Disable Log-in" box is Not checked. 

* Assign your own initial Custom Reservation ID!  Reservations comes set up with a preset reservation number, but users may now establish their own initial Reservation number. For example, you could use an ID of RES001, or start with a specific reservation number 1275, and all future reservations will be incremented from this initial number.



* Modified all Invoice and Confirmation forms to include the Guest Name and Company Name (if applicable) in the address block.

* Enhanced the Confirmation and Invoice forms to sort by a user defined sort order on the Single Reservation.  Users can now specify the order line items appear on an invoice or confirmation.

* Added an optional Room Number to the Invoice and Confirmations. In the Settings area users can specify if they would like the Room Number to appear on Invoices and Confirmations.



* Corrected an issue Availability Online users were having in regards to Feb 22nd not displaying the correct availability.

* Added a new "create rooms for new year" alert feature.  When using the Search Availability screens, if you search for a year that does not have any rooms set up yet, a dialog will display reminding you to go the rooms area and set up the rooms for the new year.



* Corrected issue with the "Printing for Year Date" not displaying correctly on the Print Calendar Grid screen.

* Modified the "Email Found Set" button on the Birthday List, Inquiry List, and Referral lists to send a separate email for each guest.

* Gave users the ability to sort list views.  Users have the ability to sort by Last Name if desired.


Visit the ReservationsV9 website for more information, ordering and to download a free 21 day demo.


About Compu-Books

Compu-Books has been developing FileMaker solutions for vertical market business and educational sectors since 1990.  ReservationsV9, Student Tracker, NewsPublisher and CB Production solutions are among some of the vertical market software released by Compu-Books during the last 10 years, sold in the U.S. and globally.