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Exchanging records between FMGo and FM12

Question asked by mslizny on May 30, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2015 by mslizny

Client's original database was developed with three files: Clients, Invoices, Invoice details, in an earlier version of FileMaker, and successfully upgraded to FileMaker Pro 12.


Client got an IPad mini and wants to be able to enter new information on records using either the IPad mini and FileMaker Go 12 or his converted-to FM Pro12 files on a MacBook and update the other set of records with the latest information. The FileMaker 12 Pro files could "broadcast" updates to the IPad, but the client wants to be able to send FM Go updates to the FM 12 Pro files as well. I have used FileMaker Server in previous scenarios, but with just one user the cost of Server software was prohibitive.


Although I believe FMGo is optimized to use just one file, perhaps with several tables in that file, this kind of re-organization would have required the FileMaker 12 Developer software to make the table transfers, but the cost of Developer software was discouraging.


The set of files for FileMaker Go were optimized for touch operation by making the elements of each existing screen larger in the "IPad" layout, and the FileMaker Go ITunes apps settings are used to put updated information on the IPad Mini or bring the latest information from copies of the IPad mini FileMaker Go 12 app.


With FileMaker Go 12 file copies in one folder on the Desktop and the FileMaker Pro 12 files in another Desktop folder, a series of scripts was developed which make backup copies of the files on the receiving end and replacable files to hold an imported set of the new information from the source files and then import the latest data into the each of the three target files to update them, matching the records on the ClientID field for clients and the InvoiceNo field for Invoices. An item number was added to the Invoice details table to prevent duplicate copies of these records from being created.


This is working well, however one problem is generating the next number for an invoice number or a client ID.


in the original files these were an "on creation" incremented number field, but if each side has the same setup the invoice number generation is not sequential. If the invoice number can be modified the correct 'next' value can be entered, but this is awkward as a beginning step for each new record.


I would appreciate any insight about how to handle this issue, and any comments about further adapting my client's original FileMaker application to optimize FileMaker Go operation.