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Router Settings for FileMaker Server & Internet Access

Question asked by jaybobk on May 31, 2013
Latest reply on May 31, 2013 by jaybobk

I am trying to access FM Server 11 via remote locations, however I am unable to.


I have my Netgear router with the correct forwarding setting 5003. I've looked thru the FileMaker information on port forwarding ensuring my settings are set.


Here's some background:


We just changed telephone providers and this is when the problem started. Previous telephone/internet provider I was able to access my files on FM Server 11 just fine, both via cellular services and internet connections at remote locations.


Upon new telephone/internet provider starting service, I'm no longer able to access my databases remotely. I did have to reconfigure the router with new IP, Gateway & DNS addresses to use the new providers network. We are running on a T1 & normal internet browsing is working OK.


Are there additional settings and/or that I should be aware of? Could the new IP, Gateway & DNS addressing be causing my problem?


Any assistance will be much appreciated.