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    General Issues

      I have used FileMaker for over 5 years. I am a novice developer. I am needing some help from someone who is knowledgable in FileMaker Calculations and Relationships and willing to donate their time by somehow remotely log in to see our system. I've changed our Database from 4 different databases to one database with 4 tables. There are a few issues that I'm having with this change. Hoping that someone would be willing to pop in and give me suggestions on a few things. I know it is a problem with relationships and calculations. In general how they are relating and talking.


      I have posted on here and been given a few suggestions. While some things have worked others have not. My main issue is that I fixed two calculations last week and yet this week they are not working. I don't understand, as I am our administrator, how it would work one day and not the next with myself being the only one changing things? I can do screen shots but feel that someone hosting in would be the fastest way to show what I'm talking about. If they are able to see the problem, I want to see what they change and why they change what they do so I can understand for the future.


      Is there someone willing to take 30 minutes or so and help me?


      Thank you



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          There is a very active filemaker user group in the Dallas area run by Taylor Sharpe:



          I would suggest contacting him, seeing if you can find a local person to assist you. At least you might be able to go to a meeting and see if someone can stay late to help you.


          If it's mission critical, I would suggest hiring a consultant to assist. There are many consultants I am sure would be happy to help you remotely, and if the time requirement is low, the cost would be cheap as well. The other reason I would suggest hiring vs "off-the-cuff" assistance, is that you'll get more "interested in assisting" answers, and be able to hold the answers accountable.