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    I need help creating a very basic asset inventory


      I've been trying to create a basic asset inventory (I'm new to Filemaker by the way) for my school to keep track of their assets using a ipads and a barcose scanner. For some reason the records are not saving when i close the database using filemaker server 12 and open it in filemaker pro advanced 12 to edit, I have all the fields saving record changes automatically.






      I create a new DB, with the following fields

      Buildings = drop down

      Room =Test

      type =drop Down

      Manufacturers = Drop down

      Model =text

      Serial# =text

      New asset =text

      Notes =text



      Thanks in advance!

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          There could be a lot of things incorrectly setup here. We'd need to know a lot more about your setup in order to troubleshoot what might be wrong. Do you have FileMaker server setup? On what kind of computer? Permissions on the files? How are you transferring the file to your iPad or connecting to the server if you have one? etc. It could be difficult for you to describe it all here.


          There should be no need to close the database with FileMaker Server 12 in order to open the database to edit it. You can edit the database while it is being hosted live...and in the situation described here.


          I'd suggest that you find a developer to take some time with a remote screen sharing session to look at your setup and give you a few pointers. It's something that might only take a few minutes but will save you a lot of time and frustration in trying to explain it via text. (By the way...we provide that kind of assistance all the time...but any good developer should be able to help you out.)


          Hope that helps!


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            We have the DB hosted on the server.  I'd would have a developer look at it but our budget would not allow for it.

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              The point of the suggestion that you pay a developer to help you is that this is not a problem you are going to fix by using simple forum messages. What is the budget for not being able to manage or report on your inventory?

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                Most FileMaker databases begin life as local files, before they are hosted by FileMaker Server. Were you able to create and save records when using your solution as a single user?


                If not, I'd look at some uber-basic issues such as: are you using "New Record" (or just over-writing an existing record repeatedly)? Do you have any kind of script trigger associated with committing records?


                If your solution worked when used single-user, then I think you may need to check exactly what file(s) you are using. If you have transferred a file to an iPad, perhaps that mobile user is accessing a local file instead of the hosted one? And when you re-check in FileMaker Pro, are you sure you are looking at the file that had been hosted? (And note Tim's comment above about accessing the hosted file.)


                Since you have FileMaker Pro Advanced, you could also used the Script Debugger to step through record creation and commitment and check for errors.


                Hopefully you will find there is a simple, not-yet-obvious source of the problem.


                Debi Rubel
                FullCity Consulting

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                  I was able to resolve my issue, it boiled down to me being a noob….




                  I was overwriting the database, with one I modified the layout.  I figured out that the DB  when imported into the server is stored in a different location.




                  Thanks all for the help….