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Go to related record: Speed issue

Question asked by JavierDura on Jun 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by TomHays

I am developing a database that manages events. Now it has 613 events.

I have a layout that displays (in list view):

- Today events

- Future events

- Past events


A global field stores current date.

I use the "Go to related records" script step to show only today, future or past events using 3 different auto-relationship:


Today events….…. TODAY = EventDate

Future events……. TODAY < EventDate

Past events………. TODAY > EventDate


In the relationship I have marked the option "Sort by…" event date.


The database is hosted by FMS12 in a Mountain Lion MacMini server with a 100/10 MB internet conexion.

The solutions works as expected but I have a speed issue: it takes a loooong time to display the related records even disabling the sorting process.


I have tried aswell using the ExecuteSQL function: I store the list of matching records in a global field and then I use this field in the autorelationship.


Do you have any idea of how can I improve the speed in this solution?

The event layout contains only simple data fields (no container, no graphics, no Web Viewer…).

Thank you.