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    Database download blows up - "syntax incorrect"


      Good day, all. I've been trying for the last 5 hours or so to download a database (external containers) from a server. The total package reports at around 5 GB. It shows the progress as finished; a ZIP file appears in the target directory during the process, but as soon as it finishes the countdown, I get this error:




      The first part of that - up to "Upgraded Version" is the correct file path to which I've attempted to load the database. After that, I have no idea what the hieroglyphics mean.


      Has anyone seen this before? More importantly, does anyone have an idea what to do to correct it?





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          Not sure if it is part of a larger problem, but both my uploads and downloads of very large (>5 GB files) are always a problem, with or without container items. My current downloads have to be manual as a result, i.e., copy a backup or stop the file useage and copy the file using the Finder.


          I'll try to perform an Admin Console download (which I believe you are talking about) later today when I get a chance. I'm pretty sure I'll get an error, but I'll see what that error is -- I haven't seen the hieroglyphics before, but I have received errors are stopped downloads.

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            Thanks, Scott. My experience appears to mirror yours. I tried three times to get the download; the first two were with the containers stored externally, which resulted in the above dialog. The third time, I switched to internal storage, and simply got an "Access denied" dialog at the end (which is nonsense, because it's coming to the local hard drive, and another file on the same server came down fine). So I did finally resort to pulling the file out of the server directory without the Admin Console.


            Then I tried the upload today; I got an "AOC invalid header (bad signature)" error after three hours of processing. Crashed and burned. Unfortunately, I can't get to the database directory on this box (administrative rules on the part of my server group; don't ask). So I'm going to have to wait until Monday to get this done.


            I'm wondering if this isn't endemic to large file transfers through the upload / download feature. Anyone else care to chime in? Has anyone been able to get this to work reliably? Or at all, for that matter?