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Problem in results from implementing account privileges

Question asked by hiconcepts on Jun 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by hiconcepts

I am developing a database in FM Pro Advanced 12 that will eventually be hosted by a web provider with Filemaker hosting capability. I am currently testing it on my own desktop computer (iMac), using a laptop to access it remotely by a wifi network connection. The objective of the database is to match users with people wanting their services. My objective is to have new users be able to go to the site, set up an account and password, and then only enter data or update the record associated with their full name. So my condition in the "Sole Record" privilege definition is "Master table:: full name = get(accountname)." I am able successfully to have a new user sign up for a new account and enter their password. But when I test signing in with that name and password, I get an error message: "The account and password you entered can not be used to access this file". This occurs before I even get to a record screen. Are there some settings I am not getting right?